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mobile app FAQs


how do i get started?

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1. Request a quote or contact me directly
2. Free consultation to discuss ideas and timeline
3. Sign contract and start the app development process

What is the difference between a PWA and Native App?

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A PWA is a web application designed to work optimally on any device: mobile, tablet and desktop. A PWA can be accessed from any web browser or a unique QR code that is linked to your URL. Similar to a native app, your PWA can be added to the home screen of mobile devices while bypassing the need to download anything from the App store. PWAs are the future of the web and mobile apps. Additionally, it is the most cost-effective way to build an app.

Native apps are designed in a technology specific to the phone it is installed on (Android or iOS). Native apps for Apple devices are distributed through Apple's App Store. Native apps for Android phones are distributed through the Google Play Store.

To help you determine which mobile app is right for your business, read our blog.

How do apps arrive at the app store?

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Apps are published to the app stores through developer accounts within each app platform. The apps have to be built to comply with the regulations for each platform and therefore must be published to both platforms. UpNext Designs handles getting your app published to the stores.

Apple and Android review the apps prior to publishing which can take up to 72 hours and up to 5 five for apps to appear in their respective store.

CAn i publish my native app to just one of the app stores?

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Yes, you have the option of publishing to either the Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store, or both. The price for app development will be reflective of that.

can you upgrade or redesign my current website?

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No. Redesigning a website that somebody else developed usually takes more effort and time which slows down the design process. Envision asking an artist to paint over a canvas that has already been painted. The result may not be nearly as good as starting from a fresh canvas.

The only exception is for Webflow users (case-by-case basis) or UpNext Designs customers who want a fresh look due to a change in business direction or re-branding.

why do you recommend hosting websites on webflow?

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Webflow hosting is fast, secure, stable, uses Amazon Web Servers, and includes a Content Management System (CMS) to store content. I can say that 100% of UpNext Designs' customers have their websites hosted with Webflow.  For e-commerce customers, Webflow CMS can not be exported (i.e., e-commerce store) and will need to be hosted on Webflow.

If you choose to host your site elsewhere, I can export the HTML/CSS/Javascript code that includes the content of the entire website design that I built. You can then take this code and put it on your desired host server. If choosing this path, I would recommend consulting with a developer.

Webflow hosting uses GoDaddy and Google. Please find more information here about Webflow's fast and reliable hosting.

what are the payment terms?

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Native Apps and PWAs:
50%  deposit due at contract signing, 50% due when the final design is completed.

Monthly maintenance packages:
100% payment due monthly

One-time maintenance update:
100% payment due at contract signing

20% payment due at signing, 80% due at the end of project.

Consultation is complimentary for new apps after requesting a quote. For any other service excluding gold package customers, 100% payment due after consultation.

how long does the App design process take?

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Depending on the project, designs may take from 2 weeks to 2 months to complete. If the client has final content ready before the project starts, this time frame can be significantly reduced.

what if i need help writing content for search engine optimization (SEO)?

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I am not a content creator or a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. However, I can recommend you to a marketing content writer who has SEO expertise.
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