How Online Branding Tools Can Help New Entrepreneurs Succeed

Lots of new entrepreneurs underestimate the value of strong branding. Building a powerful brand can captivate consumers, make your business more memorable, and promote growth. 

So, how can you build a brand presence that shows your core values? Your brand identity needs to communicate what makes your business different from the rest.  

To establish a memorable brand, you need: 

  • A name that shows the personality of your brand 
  • A brand tone that conveys your brand message 
  • An instantly recognizable logo that will be associated with your business 
  • The right color scheme - different colors evoke different emotions 
  • A clearly defined and detailed buyer-persona
  • A well-rounded marketing and promotional strategy 
  • Information about your competitors - this will determine how your successfully market your own brand and differentiate your business in the market 

How to develop a branding strategy

When you launch a business from scratch, it can be hard to build a loyal customer base, and it’s also challenging to compete with more prominent companies in your industry. 

However, this also provides an opportunity to provide something of value and offer solutions to some of the problems facing your customer base. 

When creating a brand, it’s important to be transparent and trustworthy. This is something to consider when developing a brand identity and strategy. 

You should always think about the story of your brand in order to connect with your customers emotionally and build long-term relationships.  

Lastly, make sure you determine your business’s values and be authentic. Rather than complicating things, show people what your company stands for with your actions. 

The best branding tools for startups

As you probably know, starting a new business is time-consuming. There’s a lot to do. So, if you want to make life easier without compromising on quality, online tools can really help. 

But, there are so many available that it’s hard to know which ones to choose. The right ones can really push your brand forward by: 

  • Creating a strong online presence for your brand 
  • Defining your brand’s core values 
  • Increasing awareness and visibility 
  • Strengthening your brand’s reputation 
  • Interacting with customers and industry members 

Here are some examples of essential branding tools for entrepreneurs: 

1. Visual branding 

Images and videos are more engaging than words. This means that, when establishing a brand, you need to ensure your visual branding is as appealing as possible. 

Your infographics, images, videos, and other visual branding should reflect your brand identity while using your brand’s color scheme, logos, and overall style. 

If it’s not feasible to hire a graphic designer, you can still make well-designed visuals using an online tool like Piktochart, which will allow you to build a range of items for your brand.  

Additionally, if you use offline marketing methods like business cards, you still need to incorporate your branding into these. You can make business cards using a tool like

2. Social media 

Most consumers now use social media platforms to search for their favorite brands, follow them, and use the content to make purchasing decisions. 

Because of this, your social media branding needs to be unique. Luckily, there are plenty of tools available to make sure your posts achieve your goals. 

One of these tools is Adobe Lightroom, which is a user-friendly photo-editing tool that’s perfect for tweaking and organizing social media images in line with your visual branding. 

3. Video branding 

Video content should be included in any well-rounded marketing strategy. And your video content should align with your other branding as much as possible. 

There are many video branding platforms available, with a range of features. Which one you choose will depend on your budget and skill level. 

However, one that’s suitable for beginners is Wistia, which provides a selection of options for customizing videos, adding logos and text, or adjusting colors. 

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